6 WhatsApp Privacy Updates You Should Know About


WhatsApp has made our lives easier and more convenient. From chat to conference calls, informal to formal settings, it has become a necessity. Even if it’s a fun group chat or a study group, everybody is addicted to it. Over the years it has been updated and upgraded to give the users the best experience and reliability. The security that is provided to the users is what makes it unique. They have made sure to keep the chats and data safe and secure.  We will share six WhatsApp privacy updates you should know about.

WhatsApp Privacy Updates: End to End encryption

Valuing its user’s privacy, Meta introduced end-to-end encryption. This means that people involved in the chat are the ones able to see. Even WhatsApp cannot have the access to the chats. This is an automatic feature and needs no special settings. According to WhatsApp, “With end-to-end encryption, your messages are secured with a lock, and only the recipient and you have the special key needed to unlock and read them.”  Only the recipient has the access to the message as it is secured with a cryptographic lock. The keys change with every message. The conversations can be verified by checking the verification code on the device.

Online presence control

With this feature, you can control the online status that shows up. You have the authority to limit the users to view your status. There is no limit to users that can be given access to see the online status. The group chats can also be left quietly where the admin is only informed.

Two-step verification

Another important update to make the chats secure, this makes it difficult for hackers to access the chats. Usually, a six-digit PIN is needed to lock the access. An email address can be added to reset the PIN.

Encrypted chat backup

You never want to lose the chats with your loved ones, when you switch to a new phone. WhatsApp has made sure to back up the chats so that you do not lose them. It is similar to Google Drive or iCloud. It can be turned on in the settings, where you enter the password to keep it secure.

Disappearing messages

Sometimes you are having confidential chats where you may share sensitive and confidential information. To make sure that it is not misused, WhatsApp now gives the option of disappearing messages (immediate, 24 hours, or 90 days). In this way, you do not need to worry about the information being there the whole time.


It happens so that you receive unwanted calls or messages, you want to block them. This feature allows blocking or reporting. You can have peace now and focus on more important things in your life.

These updates have made life easy and secure as privacy matters the most in today’s world. WhatsApp has been constantly working to keep the user’s security intact and earn the trust of its user. 

WhatsApp Desktop Version

As the WhatsApp Desktop Version has limited features, it will be launching the following features very soon making it convenient for the users. Now, users can use the desktop version more effectively.

  • Screenlock will be added to the desktop version, as it will help to protect the privacy of the users when they are sharing the desktop with someone, they need not worry now.
  • Call Tab will be introduced. now, you don’t have to be reliant on your phone to have a WhatsApp call.
  • Polls can be added to decide something rather than indulging in long conversations.


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