A Heaven on Earth – Fairy Meadows


Travelling is a refreshing activity that helps in purifying your soul and mind. Travelling helps people in exploring different cultures and find a common connection with people belonging to different places and backgrounds.

Pakistan offers some must-visit places to people from all around the world so they can explore the scenic beauties of nature. Northern areas of Pakistan is the best choice for you to get a refreshing break from the dull and boring everyday routine. Fairy Meadows; a land nestled in the heart of north-eastern side of Pakistan, is among the most visited places in Pakistan by national and international travelers and is considered as a true heaven on earth.



It is located in Gilgit Baltistan province of Pakistan near Nanga Parbat base camp. Travelers have to cover a twelve-kilometer dangerous track to reach an in between village from where 3 to 4 hours hiking track is built to reach this grassland. Travelers can enjoy a superb Pakistani breakfast from this in between village, before starting the beautiful trekking journey.

Throughout the journey, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the glorious Nanga Parbat and the superb track to the way up. But once you reach Fairy Meadows, you can truly understand why it is considered as a heavenly place.

Fairy Meadows

The amazing view, the chilled breeze and the pure as crystal waterfalls makes you realize the true meaning of nature. You can set up a camp at this amazing grassland or can rent a wooden hut set by the locals for tourists.

A small kitchen is set up by the locals for tourists providing delicious and hot steaming food anytime you want. The best weather to visit this place is usually in peak or mid-summer season so you can visit Nanga Parbat base camp as well easily.


So if you are looking for an absolute peaceful place to visit close to nature, Fairy Meadows is definitely the answer to it! Do visit it and add an amazing and thrilling journey to your travel book.



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