BTS: Back to Singing, they Return with a Bang!


The seven member K-Pop boy band BTS (Beyond the Scenes) or more popularly known as Bangtan Boys are back after BigHit announced their hiatus on 11th August, 2019, post their Lotte Duty Free Concert.

Following their concert, a statement published by BigHit Entertainment stated that the period of rest was given to the BTS boys for them to enjoy their 20s and for them to “relax” in their own ways.

Source: @BigHitEnt

It was five weeks later  that he K-Pop mega group BTS was back! They were seen leaving Seoul from the Incheon Airport on 16th September, 2019.

Recently, news of the mega group BTS returning back was spread across social media, when they were seen leaving Seoul from the Incheon Airport on 16th September, 2019. Speculations show that the K-pop band is travelling abroad to shoot a reality TV show; however, the band’s company BigHit failed to comment on their travel.

As, the boys resurfaced to progress their careers, news of their youngest member, Jungkook, and his ‘relationship’ with a popular tattoo artist surfaced, as well.

Thereafter, a picture showing someone that looked like Jungkook hugging the tattoo artist from behind was leaked onto social media and took it by storm. Countless gossips ran wild, until BigHit cleared the air and commented that the allegations were baseless rumors, that were entirely untrue.



Adding Further, that BigHit would take legal action against the person who had leaked the CCTV images online. Thousands of fans, aka. ARMY members, came to Jungkook’s support in face of the rumors, while many others arose in hateful speech against the tattoo artist.

As a result, the tattoo artist took to Instagram to clear the rumors spreading about her and Jungkook, pointing the two of them out to be just close friends and apologizing to everyone involved. Jungkook; however, has managed to stay away from the controversy surrounding him.

As the megastars travel, shoot and deal with the recent scandal, how will the idols remain focused? Was the period of rest sufficient? We’ll just have to wait and find out.



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