Child Rape Cases in Pakistan


Child rape is not affected by Area, country, religion, and gender it occurs across all socio-economic classes and they remain under-reported issue everywhere.

The scenario of Child rape cases in Pakistan is quite alarming. Child abuse stopping ground Pakistani society due to many factors. There are more chances that the committer might be a family member or neighbor due to blind trust in them.

According to the report of  “Human Rights Watch”. there is a child rape once every two hours and gang rape every eight. In January 2018 Zainab case in Kasur only the case which most viral on social media but the government and other political persons fails to address this issue and even if they do, it is too late. The same month a sixteen-year-old girl was raped and killed in Sargodha and the next day in the same city thirteen-year-old boy was sexually attacked by two men from a dominated family. In Faisalabad, the same day the fifteen-year-old boy found dead after sexual assault. 

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Unfortunately, Punjab topped the most cases of child abuse with 65% cases. Punjab considered most dangerous for children. According to the 2018 report 

  • 25% of child abuse cases in Sindh
  • 3% of child abuse cases in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) 
  • 2% of child abuse cases in Balochistan

The Government can’t be blamed when it happened. But the government must take action when police fail to find a number committer. The action plan, bill, and act are in their various stages of approval and implementation, still, Pakistan has far to go in child protection. When no legal or judicial mechanism exists victims lead a very difficult life. Some can leave it behind and others can’t let it go, which directly impact their mental health.

Precautionary measures:

One effecting starting point to manage and prevents it is home. Parents and society need to show their commitment and responsibility. 

We teach our children all categories of ways to keep themselves safe. We teach them to look both ways before and after the incident of rape. Remove the Communication gap between child and parent, Give them a friendly environment because of most our children uncomfortable with telling their parents especially older peers or adults. If your child gets a victim of it then try to get out of them from a scary situation.

Internet café should be strictly banned especially for children.


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