Climate Change: The Most Overlooked Issue in Pakistan


For the past few years, a drastic leap upward in climate change has constantly been observed, worldwide. This is not only a considerable threat to our planet, but is also affecting the environmental conditions at a large scale. Among the prominent out-turns of this man-created flaw, lies global warming, melting of glaciers, rise in sea levels, fall in agricultural productivity, etc.

Despite the fact that Pakistan resides amongst the least accountable countries for causing climate change, yet it stands as the most vulnerable victim, enduring all the consequences. The research demonstrates that Pakistan’s contribution in this effect is only 1% of the sum, but due to our country’s geographical withstanding in the globe it will bear the worst afflictions. Also, because the state lacks technical and financial resources, it’s difficult to cope with the outcomes.

Climate Change
Climate Change

Currently, Pakistan is facing radical dilemmas due to the influence of climate change. Irregular pattern of monsoon rain is most likely to bring about floods, droughts, inflated heat; whereas, due to water defied situations agricultural productivity is extremely affected. Furthermore, defrosting of glaciers in the Himalayas is one of the worst nightmares our nation could ever imagine. Moreover, rise in sea levels is believed to escalate cyclonic activities, while severe weather conditions have assumed to destroy forests, health risks have risen and a major drawback is that we have no apparent survival measures to fight these complications.

In conclusion, the concerned authorities of Pakistan are not just sitting back rather they are working on these issues and striving to save the country from this natural disaster. The Supreme Court of Pakistan had formed a “Ministry of Climate Change” in 2015, to address the problems related to climate change. In addition, movements like “Clean and Green Pakistan” and “Say no to Plastic” are preventive measures to liberate the country from this pending climatic crisis. While these actions are under-process, let us hope and pray for the well-being of our motherland.

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