COVID cases rise in China again


Just when we had thought that the world is COVID-free, there are cases rising in China, the home ground of the notorious and nefarious COVID. It had become a source of worldwide lockdown, affecting the business and the economy. Protests are getting strong against the zero COVID policy. The restrictions haven’t been yet relaxed. The COVID cases in China have risen again to 40,000, which is quite alarming.

Beijing has strictly implemented the zero COVID policy by imposing shutdowns, mass testing, and teleworking mandates as the COVID cases rise again in China. Restrained in their apartments, delivery workers are facing severe financial difficulties. One of the workers told the news source, that he had to sneak secretly to deliver the goods and come back in darkness.

Protests against the COVID policies have been going on for more than a week. The protestors have been chanting “we don’t want Covid tests, we want freedom” using pieces of white paper as a symbol.

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Earlier this month, speculation arose that normalcy would return, but the resurgence in COVID cases has cast doubt once more. There is less hope of reopening anytime soon. The experts foresee the opening in March or April only if the vaccination process is ramped up.

The cases have gone up to 40,052. Large cities like Guangzhou and Chongqing are struggling with thousands of cases a day and struggling to contain the outbreak. However, other cities have recorded hundreds of cases.


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