Episode 6 of Coke Studio’s Season 9 Is Here


    Here is Episode 6 of Coke Studio’s season 9 launched today at 6 pm.


    Meri Meri by Rizwan Butt & Sara Haider.

    Music Directed by Shani Arshad
    Composed by Shani Arshad
    Kalaam by Baba Bulleh Shah
    Produced by Strings

    In this rendition of a kalaam by Bulleh Shah, ‘Meri Meri’ instantly becomes a track that is more than just moody atmospheric sounds of a Sufi melody featuring the irresistible voices of Rizwan Butt with Sara Haider. Introduced by a steady guitar that pulls you in, Rizwan’s vocals demand attention and translate the emotion quite firmly. The pulse of the track throbs and maneuvers through country western and Sufi style, embedded with an interval that explores the celtic music arrangement. Amidst the incredible blues guitar playing, Sara’s voice perfectly fits the template of the sound adding a distinctly surreal edge to a track carrying abundance of energy and personality. (source: Coke Studio)


    Tera Woh Pyar (Nawazishein Karam) by Momina Mustehsan & Asim Azhar

    Music Directed by Shuja Haider
    Composed by Shuja Haider
    Lyricis by Naqash Hyder
    Produced by Strings

    Sublime, beautiful, and soul stirring are all words best to describe ‘Tera Woh Pyaar’ and ‘Nawazishein’ performed by Momina Mustehsan with Asim Azhar. The romantic ballads, both originally sung by Shuja Haider, features him as the music director, calling the shots in a track that truly delivers from the heart. The soft piano and the subtle sound of the sitar create a fitting atmosphere for Momina’s soft vocals, sung with utmost grace, as Asim croons over cinematic violins about the love story, packed full of emotions. Midway through the duration, as the track gathers momentum, it brings together elements of the Pakistani pop scene of the bygone era, and takes you to a dreamy place whilst celebrating romance and leaving one smitten. (source: Coke Studio)


    Anokha Laadla By Basit Ali & Damia Farooq

    Music Directed by Faakihir Mehmood
    Composed by Ashiq Ali
    Lyrics by Raees Farough
    Produced by Strings

    Within the first few seconds the classic tune, ‘Anokha Laadla’ – establishes the bars of nostalgia with a sense of familiarity – fueled by Damia Farooq’s subtle and effortless vocals. That is until in a split second the track pauses before a psychedelic riff transforms the original arrangement of the track, and the vocals of Basit Ali cut through distinctive and strong. Written by Raees Farough and originally composed by Ashiq Ali, the overhauled duet has a renewed edge comprising an upbeat drumbeat, fuzzy guitar twangs, a brilliant sitar solo – adeptly delivering a tune with a powerful soul comprising a timeless, moving melody. (source: Coke Studio)


    Lagi Bina/Chal Mele Noon Challiye, Saieen Zahoor & Sanam Marvi

    Music Directed by Jaffer Zaidi
    Produced by Strings

    Rather than an attack on your senses, ‘Lagi Bina’ creates a sprawling sense of euphoria that lifts the track to new sonic heights. Combing the vocal prowess of fabled Saieen Zahoor with Sanam Marvi’s raw, melodic voice in an ethereal kalaam by Waris Shah – ‘Lagi Bina’ grows on you from the onset driven by a melody that grips one and never loosens throughout the duration of the track. A fusion of Sindhi and Punjabi folk style, music director Jaffer Zaidi has created a sound where the contrasting vocals merge with striking instrumentation of the house-band while maintaining the emotion of the lyrics at the forefront. (source: Coke Studio)



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