Five Futuristic Tech Inventions


Today we are presenting you with five new futuristic tech inventions that are coming to market. These new innovations are paving the way and trending up a storm of anticipation!

Learn more about these futuristic new tech inventions.

0:05 – Fotokite Phi – – A tethered quad-copter for capturing aerial footage.
2:30 – Simo Mini – – 4-in-1 3D printing pen with solder, burner, and cutting attachments.
5:13 – SmartHalo – – Transform your ordinary bike into a smart bike with navigation.
9:30 – FABtotum PRISM – – The first 3D printer that features: cutting, milling, and scanning.
12:32 – iBackPack – – The ultimate smart backpack featuring: GPS navigation, built-in battery, speaker, USB ports, Bluetooth locator.


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