Getting fired from my first job to Technical Lead


“You should look for something else than coding, QA? Project Management? The world is Big, Oh, please don’t get demotivated, keep looking.” These were the last words I heard on my 15th day at my first job.


My face expressions were as if I lost my most valuable thing, a software company to start my career. Walking down the stairs with a heavy head, thinking about what happened, I was trying to keep telling my self “Its OK, Might be, they are not good at finding talent… Why I am blaming them, I have weaknesses, they are not responsible for this, they just need a good resource and bla bla bla…” My mind was stormed with the combination of positive and negative thoughts.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with the positive ones, you will start having positive results.” Willie Nelson

Days passed by and somehow I believed that I should try something else than coding. Joined another company which provided me an opportunity to work on embedded systems. Salary was $100 USD/month. Soon, I got bored by soldering resistors on PCB and checking voltages, went to the CTO and told him I can program micro controllers, and don’t have any interest in hardware stuff. He appreciated on my bold words and assigned me a project. During my tenure there, I kept forwarding CVs to each and every job post I see on online portals, seldom got a call.


But somehow I believed that I am made for coding. Failing every day but failing better, googling all the questions I was unable to answer in the interviews. An year passed by and finally one day, while coming back from office, there was a vibration in my pocket, stopped my motorbike on the road side. “Am I speaking to Mr Mohsin? Yes…”. I was hired, Hurray! Dancing, singing songs in excitement while riding back to home. I knew I am going to join at whatever salary they are going to offer.


Joined that company in 2014, from the day 1st I was loving my job, since then, all these days of learning, improving, failing, nights of hard work has always made me more satisfied with my life. After 5 years of total experience, today, I am a technical lead at a software firm in Islamabad, Pakistan.

When I look back, the only thing I was good at was staying positive and believing in myself when no body else did.

“You are not what they think of you, You are what you think about yourself.”

Whatever i have done till now, whether its coding, exercising, reading, teaching, traveling, camping, hiking, investing in myself, i have tried to put all my efforts on it and believing that it will payback sooner or later, sometimes in the form of money and sometimes in the form of more satisfaction, self belief, optimism, good friends and memories to cherish.

You don’t have to figure out your whole life now, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future.

Law of Attraction and gratitude really works! Consider keeping a gratitude journal.

“Your thoughts are the architects of your journey” David O. McKay

Mr Muhammad Mohsin
Software Architect


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