Help Establish and Secure Peace in the Region: Pakistan to Permanent Member of Security Council


Pakistan asked for help from permanent members of United Nations Security Council to establish and secure peace and prosperity in the region.

Foreign Secretary of Pakistan Aizaz Chaudhry while speaking to delegates of P-5 countries said,

“The permanent members of the UN Security Council need to play their role to ensure maintenance of peace and security in the region.”

DG Military Operations explained the events of violations on LoC that began on Wednesday to delegates of  United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, and China which are permanent members of Security Council (UNSC).

Mr. Chaudhry along with Major General Sahir Mirza in his briefing pull the attention of the delegates of P-5 countries to India’s intense and heightened warlike and aggressively hostile nature, during the past days. reminded the envoys that Pakistan was a major victim of terrorism, including state terrorism.

Foreign Secretary reminded the P-5 countries that Pakistan is a major victim of terrorism from the past 10 to 20 years and a huge number of terrorist activities was mostly backed and sponsored by India as state terrorism.

Both Pakistani representatives also rejected the claims of India of carrying surgical strikes on Line of Control.

“In reality, on the night of 28-29 September, the Indian occupation forces resorted to unprovoked firing along the LoC at multiple points, which led to the martyrdom of two Pakistani soldiers.”

Indian Soldier at LoC
Indian Soldier at LoC

Major General Sahir Mirza also said that Pakistan Army also reacted in response to Indian violations.

It is said  that India have also created a three layer security arrangement by the side of LoC and Working Boundary in opposition to any infiltration. This rejects the claims of India of infiltration by militants along Line of Control, Maj Gen Mirza explained.


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