Ineffective Bureaucracy in Education System


We are living in that society where organizations are held by the negative aspects of bureaucracy. Unfortunately, our education system, which is intensely bureaucratic in term of functioning and fulfillment of different tasks. All activities of students and teachers are observed under this bureaucratic structure.
Administrators who try to maintain the coercive bureaucratic approach, further adopt the idea of controlling teachers in our education system. The administration of schools in parallel with strict rules negatively affects the school atmosphere and lead to formalization in relationship. As the pressure of applying school rules increases, the behaviors of individuals in school are negatively affected. There have been significantly negative relationships between the restrictive school climate, indicating that the school’s restrictive administrative behavior exhibits the works done by school employees and teacher leadership. It destroys creativity: new ideas are rejected if they are in conflict with ‘rational’ teaching methods, the support for personal development is meager, at best.
When the bureaucratic structure is ineffective, it leads to problems in achieving organizational goals and individuals make it difficult to be involved in decision-making processes. This, in turn, decreases the employee’s belonging to an organization. Along with this, depression that emerges with objectivity, communication problems, the replacement of goals, due to rigidity of rules and the conflicts emerging between success and seniority, leads to unexpected negativity of the bureaucratic structure.

In conclusion, It is quite obvious administrative activities should be changed, if school systems are to have an active participation of the professional staff in the change process. The staff must be permitted to introduce innovations at their level. It is an urgent need for schools to work out methods of encouraging research and debates within the staff rooms. We need to find thinkers in our schools and tap into them. If heads and teachers are not engaged in strategic thinking, then the hijacking of education policy by politicians and bureaucracy will continue.

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