Is Fashion Predictable? Think Before Obsessing Over For A Trend


The fashion industry is a vast and ever-changing place and one cannot simply predict whether a new trend far ahead of time. Sometimes most elegant new pieces fail to make a mark whereas designs that first make no sense at first cradle up to become the hottest trends worldwide.

Talking about local fashion arena, fashion trends varies as per the type and social class of the buyers. From long shirts to baggy kurtas and from straight trousers to tulip pants fashion is a seasonal affair. People who get in line for any new trend and fill their wardrobes with same designs can have to first see even if the particular trend is worth spending money on.

First fashion advice that anyone can use is that you have to select the attire that suits you and your personality and no matter how much a fad is being followed if it doesn’t go with your style, just quit the urge to be in the line of blind followers. The best case scenario is the tulip shalwar fad hat stuck the cities a month or two ago. Following the stars, everyone went for their own tulip pants as they flooded from brand shops to replica outlets to roadside stalls and to it seemed like a very few carried it well. Others were just blindly following the trends that were presented to them. The trend came and blew off like dust and girls who have wardrobes full of tulip pants now even think before buying jeans if it vanishes from the fashion field anytime soon.

More on predictability are the ever varying bridal dresses. A few decades back the trend was plain and simple; the red sparkling lehenga with often a combo of green or gold, but as the times are changing it went from long shirts to choli, from tail gowns to maxis and even from the essential red to grey and blue color tones.

So, buying a lot of clothes by blindly following a trend at a time, or making a fancy bridal outfit ahead of time is impossible as you never know when the trend shifts from sparkling beads work to threads motifs and floral patterns!



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