Is Money Actually the Secret to Happiness?


How often have we given a second thought about drinking a cup of coffee worth of 400 rupees? I believe quite a few of us bother to pick up the change brought back to us with the bill clearance by the waiter. It is because spending this amount for coffee does not harm us in the long run. We all have uninterrupted food supplies and the comfort of our house to enjoy the hot beverages in the foggy winter evenings.

But, have you ever looked at the children standing in front of these famous coffee shop peeking through the glass windows? Have you seen the desire in their eyes when they watch you laughing out loud enjoying your beverages with a bunch of your smart friends like you? A majority of us do not even think twice even after noticing their longing expressions.

We do not wish for a plate of fresh clean food or a mug of steaming cup of tea in our imagination by looking at happy faces having all these luxuries. We can get these basic necessities whenever and from wherever we want them. But getting clean food three times a day is a dream for a majority of people living around us! Their families along with their children work hard without caring about extreme weather conditions or about the low wages paid for extreme hard work just to fulfill their hunger. They never chose to live with this misery as you never got a chance to select your lavish lifestyle. This is where fate intervenes and we are blessed to be born in such families who can manage to afford this stuff.

This difference in social standards should make us understand our role in society. If we are blessed with the luxuries of life, we should reconsider our approach and think about a bigger purpose in life. We are not here to spend everything we have on our luxuries. Instead, we are supposed to provide for those who lack the basic necessities of life.

It is high time that we consider our responsibilities towards the society and play our part by supporting people who belong to the lower stratum of the society. Look around for these people and provide for them and their families considering it as your collective responsibility towards the society.


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