ITEM NUMBER: An Utter Destruction of Muslim Society


The origin of the term item number is obscure; it is likely that it derives its meanings from objectification of women. This is because item in Mumbai film slang is used by Indian men to objectify women.

Now a day’s item numbers are under controversy. Social media is getting positive and negative feedback about item number by common people and celebrities. We are living in a Muslim society which is labelled as “Modern Muslim Society” where women are used as tool of publicity in films and advertisements. I’m not accusing anyone because they are meeting demands of the public.

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The demand of public is entertainment, meaning of entertainment also changed to vulgarity. Nobody likes to watch a movie that’s trailer doesn’t contain any item number or that’s posters aren’t having pictures of women revealing their bodies.

Item number are the types of song that contains a women dancing on cheap lyrics in middle of man wearing revealing clothes and acts as a whore to attract everyone around her in real and in audience as well.

As I said earlier, we are Modern Muslims we don’t find any harm in making movies and songs like that but item numbers should not be accepted in any society as they arouses sexual demands in public and women should not be used as an objectification tool for publicity and ratings. If you want publicity make quality and powerful content don’t destroy the society by approaching immorality.


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