Kashmir Issue: The Deteriorating Situation of Kashmir


Since 1947 Kashmir issue has remained unsolved. Indian occupied Kashmir is struggling and fighting for their rights, all they want is independence, they don’t want to be a part of any country, they already face enough cruelty, enough oppression, enough abuse now they are done! That’s why they are raising their voices and getting brutally killed by the Indian army. Indian government officially cancelled article 370 and stripped the autonomy Kashmir had for seven decades since 1949. Due to the Kashmir issue Pakistan and India’s terms never get better. But, the recent act by Indian government already worsened the overall tensions. Kashmiris have suffered a lot, India has already become infamous for their barbaric cruelty upon Kashmiris, mothers lose their children, sisters lose their brothers, wives lose their husbands, and daughters lose their father. Unfortunately, Indian troops which Indian government sent to the disputed region, imposed curfew and shutdown telecommunications, internet and every source of connection, believes in gender equality so they are not only killing men but also women, children. Girls are brutally killed, slaughtered after being raped by Indian officers.  No one is doing anything for Kashmir because if any country even thinks to take any step for Kashmir, India increases the ongoing oppression and tyranny in return. Many people are arrested and killed, many burned alive, and many women are abducted, raped and killed by Indian troops. They are not animals they are humans like us but no one is doing anything, no one is ready to help them, no one is sending their army to Kashmir for their help because obviously no country wants to spoil their terms with India. People of Kashmir now prefer death over living insulting life.

Following are the few current headlines about Kashmir:

  • On 18th September 2019, PM of Pakistan addresses their nation and during his speech “He warns Pakistanis against joining India Kashmir fight. He says India is waiting for any excuse to crack down on Kashmir.” While due to curfew the Kashmir economy is tailspin because no trade is allowed.
  • PM Imran Khan arrived in New York to highlight the “Kashmir issue” in the world parliament. He’ll meet Donald trump on 23rd September and address the UN nation on 27th September where he’ll raise voice for Kashmir.
  • Kashmiri media has reported that their staff is harassed and failed to get back to work while the Indian govt is claiming that everything is back to normal in Kashmir. On 16th September Indian arrests the Kashmir leader Farooq Abdullah under the controversial law.
  • Azad Kashmir president said “turkey is the only country who defends Kashmir issue”  

Those who won Oscars for human rights and peace, those who run NGOs for human rights, those who run campaigns for human rights are doing just nothing. Where is their human right speech now? Where are they? Why no one is doing anything? Why they are letting Indian army to oppress and kill the innocent people? Because everyone is selfish and there is no such thing as human rights exists in this world. Indian troops are abusing Kashmiris by forcing them to eat and drink filthy water, beating them, giving them electric shocks, poisoning their foods, raping their little girls and what not?. Kashmiris are waiting for a miracle to happen because this world seems cold towards them.

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