League of Legends Tricks


Here are some tips by champions for league of legends game.

  • You can stun 2 people at once with Evelynn’s Q. You have to be invisible of course.
  • You can’t cast Teleport while in egg form as Anivia, it gives u a 5 sec cooldown when u enter it, but u can cast it before u die and u will tele as an egg.
  • Zilean Time Bomb + Tristana Buster Shot on an enemy tank minion.
  • If you arbort caitlynn’s autoattack in a bush, right before she shoots the projectile, you get one passive stack.
  • If you Alpha Strike a unit and that unit dies before the Alpha Strike animation finishes, you return to the spot you were when you used Alpha Strike.
  • If you cast Lux’s Lucent Singularity on the ground in front of a lined up minion wave, the slow will make the wave bunch up so you can hit them all at once, rather than just three minions.
  • If your panth and you ult into the summoner platform you fly up in the sky.
  • When playing as anyone with a flash or some kind of quick movement ability, flash back towards your tower or away from enemy team when a yi alpha strikes you.


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