NASA’s first All Woman Spacewalk: 18 October 2109


First All Woman Spacewalk: 18 October 2109, marks an historic day with two women walking on space, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir. Ms Koch had already carried out four spacewalks but it was the first such mission for Ms Meir, who became the 15th woman to walk in space, Nasa has reported.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine mentioned in his comment before this event actually took place. “We are confident that Christina Koch and Jessica Meir will be able to accomplish this mission. They are an inspiration to people all over the world, including me, and we’re very excited to get this mission underway.”

first All-Woman Spacewalk

This historic event was scheduled to start at 7:50 a.m. EDT (1150 GMT). The duration of the space walk was two and a half hour.
US President Donald Trump congratulated them in a video call.
“You are very brave, brilliant women,” he told them as they carried out the spacewalk.

The coordinator on the ground during their space walk was Stephanie Wilson, who is also an astronaut. Hence only women were part of this wonderful endeavor.
There are more stories of men on the space because women were believed to faint and not endure the environmental pressure of space. However this belief was falsified by the first woman to spacewalk, the Russian Svetlana Savitskaya, who went outside the USSR’s Salyut 7 space station for three hours, 35 minutes on 25 July 1984.

first All-Woman Spacewalk

Since then many women have been into space however they were accompanied by men. The All-women space walk didn’t have any male member this time so marks a historic day. This important event took place today but had been planned seven months earlier.
Koch said that it felt wonderful to be contributing to a space program and believes that this contribution can encourage women for building more successful careers.
The two women enjoyed their space views. This is a giant leap for women making a space history today.


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