Project Scorpio Nightmare of PS4


Project Scorpio or Xbox One re-adjustments are not so different releasing Holiday 2017 since it involves the True 4K Native Support in games at 60 Hz. Project Scorpio also claims to introduce a high-fidelity VR features and claiming to compete the PC space. An interesting console for both Gamers and Developers.

Xbox One Project Scorpio holds a powerful GPU with 6.0 TeraFlops which is a huge leap over previous Xbox One that had 1.6 TeraFlops. Must say something next-gen console or the most powerful console yet. On the other hand, PS4-Pro claimed to run games at 4k 60 Hz, but somehow it’s managing and having a hard time producing the True 4k support.  Both have Octa Core CPUs, but Xbox One Project Scorpio memory clocks are yet to be announced.



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