Quaid’s Pakistan


The meaning of the word Pakistan is LA ILLAHA ILALLAH. After 50 years of slavery we got freedom on 14th August 1947 by the struggles of Quaid-e-Azam and other great leaders. I haven’t yet seen the nation he always wanted for us. He wanted a nation free of corruption and bribery, a nation where equality exists, a nation where everyone is treated as a citizen irrespective of color creed and race and a nation of rules and regulation. We got Pakistan by the sacrifices of our ancestors, they sacrificed their lives for us, for an independent nation.

I must say that we put all those efforts in vain. We forgot the reason behind the struggles of our forefathers. We have the largest youth of the world and youth is considered as backbone of the country but our youth’s backbone is drugs and social media. Some of them are busy in risking their lives by doing bike and car races.

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Justice is only meant for the rich and poor’s are dying with hunger. Our politicians are in the thirst of getting richer day by day and on the other hands poor’s are getting poorer with every passing day. Everyday a new criminal is born in our society and there is no one who can stop this ALAS! Is this what Pakistan is made for? Is this the nation Quaid wanted for us? Is this the country Iqbal dreamt about? The answer to all these is NO a big NO.

We are on the edge of immorality. There are trillions of unsolved murder and rape cases and many of them aren’t registered. This isn’t the sign of a Muslim nation. We forgot our norms and values, we are on the wrong path we should come back to the right path as soon as possible otherwise our fate will lead us to destruction.


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