Release Date & Updates of Microsoft Surface Phone


New Fingerprint scanning technology is likely to be introduced by Microsoft in their  new smartphone. Microsoft is trying to get rid of its Lumia series. New technologies are expected in the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone. Something new will be introduced not sported in previous Lumia series which can able Microsoft compete with Samsung and Apple.

Fingerprint detection and transparent Cover is likely to be introduced in new surface phone

Microsoft Surface will be first in the lineup to introduce new fingerprint scanning technology.

Here’s How It Works

Microsoft is planning to use a filter on the bottom of the screen’s glass for fingerprint scanning . Whenever you key in your fingerprints on your Phone’s screen, the sensors on the glass would be able to scan the ridges of the unique fingerprint.

Surface Phone will come with transparent cover at its edge with a light source as well. The light source will be able to squeeze light into the transparent cover. This would direct the light to associate with the fingerprint ridges.

The new Microsoft Surface Phone is likely to be introduced sometime next year

Watch the video clip below to know more about Microsoft’s New Surface Phone



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