Syrian Conflict: Aleppo Without Water


Russian and Syrian Attacks and Airstrikes on the Syrian city of Aleppo have affected pumping station of Aleppo which left 1.85 million people of Aleppo without water, the United Nations says.

UN says ferocious strikes on Friday intercept repairs to an impaired pumping station which used to supply districts of the city controlled by rebels.

A close-by station pumping water to the remainder of the metropolis has been switched off which left nearly 2 million people without running water as Russian and Syrian warplanes thrash the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Fresh strikes were reported on Saturday because the Syrian army is trying to regain areas controlled by rebels.

After a ceasefire collapsed on Monday, the latest offensive was launched .

Deputy Director Justin Forsyth of UNICEF told the British Broadcasting Corporation:

“Aleppo is slowly dying, and the world is watching, and the water is being cut off and bombed – it’s just the latest act of inhumanity.”

Spokesman of the UNICEF told the BBC:

“That pumping station pumps water to the entire population of the eastern part of city – that’s at least 200,000 people and then in retaliation for that attack a nearby pumping station that pumps water to the entire western part of the city – upwards to 1.5 million people – was deliberately switched off,”

Nearly ninety-one and twenty-five people killed in deadly air strikes on Friday and Saturday respectively, UK-based Human Rights groups said. Five children were also included in causalities.


Both Syrian and Russian fighter aircraft took part in the latest offensive, Activists observing the conflicts said. Syrian government told civilians to stay away from positions and areas controlled by rebels as they’re preparing for ground operations.


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