Ten Actors Who Hated Their Own Movie


Welcome to Top10Archive! It’s always a shame to work so hard on something, put in countless hours of work only to wind up completely hating it. Imagine it being something that’s immortalized forever in film. Something that you’re constantly reminded of because people keep… well… putting it on lists like this. For the following ten actors and actresses, this installment brings facepalms – dredging up the movies in their filmography that they blatantly hated.

10. Katherine Heigl – (Knocked Up)
9. Bob Hoskins – (Super Mario Bros.)
8. Bill Murray – (Ghostbusters 2)
7. Christopher Plummer – (Sound of Music)
6. Channing Tatum – (G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra)
5. Michelle Pfeiffer – (Grease 2)
4. Halle Berry – (Catwoman)
3. Robert Pattinson – (Twilight)
2. George Clooney – (Batman & Robin)
1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – (Red Sonja)


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