The Need for New Therapeutics: Biochemical Skills and Drug Discovery


Discovery of new therapeutics is integral to find out about new ways of treatment for diverse diseases. In particular, it is necessary to understand the biochemical approach for discovery of new medications. Biochemical Screening techniques have become a focal point in the scientific discipline of modern molecular medicine and drug research. Through this technology, screening can be done with large libraries of drug-like natural or synthetic compounds rapidly with promising results. High-throughput Screening is one of the recognized biochemical screening techniques to identify the active and potent molecules against all types of diseases such as cancer or other chronic diseases etc.

For most rare diseases; currently, no therapy is available. Therefore, lack of therapeutics for rare infectious diseases is a crucial aspect of the area of drug discovery and development. Moreover, a number of old medications emerged as ineffective against infectious diseases due to drug resistance. In view of that, the need for new therapeutics is obvious for either new or old infections.

New discoveries through biochemical skills have transformed numerous intractable diseases into treatable. Accordingly, effective antibiotics, antivirals, antiseptics, antifungals, antimalarials and anticancers have been found. Conversely, there is a need to find out newer medications in order to treat emerging infectious diseases. Finding of potential medications brings hope to patients to manage their diseases trustworthy.


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