Three Essential Blogs You Must Follow If You’re A Mobile Photographer


You don’t have that fancy mega-pixel DSLR yet with an USM lens that needs breaking into a bank. Well, if there is any truth in the old maxim that the best camera is your eye, then you can avoid the police rap sheet and instead pick up that smartphone lying around and see if you have the Zen for photography.

Believe me, I have seen bank balances getting depleted because people mistakenly believe that to take great photos you need the best of photographic gear. You do and you don’t. What you need as an absolute first is the grasp of what a good shot (composition) is all about. And that can even come about with dirt cheap mobile photography. So, here are three bookmark-worthy resources that are all about mobile photography.

The Mobile Photo Group

Mobile Photography

The Mobile Photo Group is a small group of international photographers who are attempting to bring (and succeeding) mobile photography into the mainstream. It is an international collective of documentarists, street photographers, fashion photographers, portrait photographers, photojournalists, story tellers, writers, poets and artists who just all happen to love mobile photography.

This site is not really about tips and tutorials on how to take great shots with your mobile device; instead it is a showcase of what and how these international photographers are going beyond the limitations of a phone camera and still capturing great shots.

Each photographer has their own profile page, and you can jump to their Flickr feeds, Instagram gallery, Tumblr account etc. and see their photos.

P1xels: The Art of The iPhone

Mobile Photography

Taking photos with an Android or a Windows phone hasn’t yet managed to get a catchy genre defining name like iPhoneography. Probably because it took the iPhone and its cult following to really popularize mobile photography. You will find a lot of sites that take you through the nitty-gritty of photography with an iPhone. Why did I settle on P1xels? Probably because I liked the quality of the photos it showcases every day and the artists it highlights who take mobile photography beyond a click and upload affair.

Check the Who We Are page to understand how the site evolved. Then sit back and enjoy the photos which are neatly slotted into categories for your viewing pleasure.

We Are JUXT!

Mobile Photography

We Are JUXT! starts from Seattle but it doesn’t stay there as mobile art is pretty much widespread now and the avowed aim of this site is to create a community. If you want to see some of the best photos captured with a mobile device sans the use of Instagram-like filters, then this is it.

But the site does not shy away from the popular stuff either as you have a whole section devoted to tutorials like the one which showed how you can use four different filters to turn a daytime photo into a dark and morbid nighttime one. Featured articles and app reviews complete this site.

I steadfastly avoided sites like Instagramers and EyeEm, as they are pretty well known. Go into their blogs and you can learn a lot. In fact, as I discovered, the mobile photography community is pretty well-connected and you will never be short of resources. So, tell us about your favorite ones too.

If you are an amateur photographer on the go, look into these previous posts too:

But before that, tell us have you picked up your phone for some deliberate mobile camera work or are you planning to break the piggy for the latest DSLR?


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