With OpenAI’s Release of GPT-4o, Is ChatGPT Plus Still Worth It?


Since its launch in late 2022, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has evolved rapidly, capturing the imaginations and interests of millions around the globe. Initially known for its remarkable ability to generate human-like text responses, ChatGPT has seen various upgrades aimed at enhancing its functionality and usability. The latest of these advancements is the introduction of GPT-4o, a new model that promises to elevate the capabilities of ChatGPT even further. This begs the question: with the release of GPT-4o, is ChatGPT Plus still worth the investment?

Understanding GPT-4o:

OpenAI’s GPT-4o represents a significant leap forward in AI technology. Announced during a livestream from OpenAI’s San Francisco headquarters by CTO Mira Murati, GPT-4o is designed to make ChatGPT more responsive, engaging, and capable of handling a variety of inputs, including voice, image, and video. Key enhancements include:

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  • Enhanced Conversational Abilities: GPT-4o supports rapid, natural voice conversations, adapts to emotional cues, and can express a range of simulated emotions.
  • Multi-Modal Input Processing: The model can process and respond to voice, image, and video inputs more effectively than previous versions.
  • Improved Memory: GPT-4o can store more information about a user, providing a more personalized and contextually aware experience.

These features aim to make interactions with ChatGPT feel more natural and human-like, potentially revolutionizing the way users interact with AI.

What is ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT Plus is a subscription plan introduced by OpenAI in early 2023. For a monthly fee of $20, subscribers gain access to several benefits, including:

  • General Availability: Priority access to the AI model even during peak times, ensuring a more consistent experience.
  • Faster Response Times: Reduced latency, allowing for quicker interactions.
  • Access to Latest Features: Early access to new features and improvements as they are rolled out.

The service was designed to cater to power users who rely heavily on ChatGPT for professional or personal use, providing them with a more reliable and enhanced experience.

Comparing GPT-4o with ChatGPT Plus:

With the introduction of GPT-4o, it’s important to compare its features and capabilities with what ChatGPT Plus offers to determine if the subscription still holds its value.

Conversational Quality:

GPT-4o significantly enhances the conversational quality of ChatGPT. It can engage in more natural and rapid-fire conversations, pick up on emotional cues, and express a range of simulated emotions. This makes interactions feel more engaging and dynamic. While ChatGPT Plus improves the speed and availability of responses, GPT-4o’s advancements in conversational quality are a game-changer, especially for users seeking more interactive and responsive dialogues.

Multi-Modal Capabilities:

One of the standout features of GPT-4o is its ability to process voice, image, and video inputs. This multi-modal capability broadens the scope of how ChatGPT can be used, making it more versatile than ever. In contrast, ChatGPT Plus primarily enhances the text-based interactions by providing faster response times and priority access. For users looking to leverage AI in more complex scenarios involving different types of inputs, GPT-4o offers significant advantages.


GPT-4o’s improved memory capabilities mean it can store more user-specific information, leading to a more personalized and contextually relevant experience. This contrasts with the standard ChatGPT experience, where interactions can feel more generic and less tailored to individual users. While ChatGPT Plus offers faster and more reliable access, it does not inherently improve the personalization of responses.

Is ChatGPT Plus still worth it?

Given the advancements introduced with GPT-4o, it’s crucial to evaluate whether ChatGPT Plus still provides value for its subscribers.

For General Users:

For general users who engage with ChatGPT occasionally and do not require advanced features, the free version of ChatGPT powered by GPT-4o might suffice. The enhancements in conversational quality and multi-modal capabilities provide a richer experience without the need for a subscription. Therefore, for these users, ChatGPT Plus might not be necessary.

For Power Users:

Power users who rely on ChatGPT for professional purposes, such as content creation, customer service, or other high-demand tasks, might still find ChatGPT Plus valuable. The priority access during peak times and faster response rates can significantly improve productivity and ensure consistent performance. Additionally, access to the latest features and improvements can be crucial for staying ahead in competitive fields.

For Users Needing Multi-Modal Capabilities:

Users who specifically need the ability to process and respond to voice, image, and video inputs will find GPT-4o indispensable. This feature alone sets GPT-4o apart from previous versions and can justify upgrading to a plan that includes these capabilities. However, if OpenAI offers these features as part of the free service or through a separate subscription, users will need to weigh their options carefully.

The Future of ChatGPT:

OpenAI’s roadmap suggests continued advancements in AI technology, with future updates likely to build on the capabilities of GPT-4o. As AI becomes more integrated into our daily lives, the demand for more sophisticated and versatile tools will grow. OpenAI’s commitment to improving its models indicates that users can expect even more powerful features and enhancements in the coming years.


With the release of GPT-4o, OpenAI has taken a significant step forward in enhancing the capabilities of ChatGPT. The new model’s ability to handle multi-modal inputs, deliver more natural and emotionally aware conversations, and provide personalized experiences marks a major milestone in AI development. While ChatGPT Plus offers valuable benefits for power users, the advancements in GPT-4o may reduce the necessity of the subscription for casual users.

Ultimately, the decision to invest in ChatGPT Plus will depend on individual needs and usage patterns. For those who require consistent, high-quality performance and access to the latest features, ChatGPT Plus remains a worthwhile investment. However, for users who can benefit from the enhanced capabilities of GPT-4o without needing priority access or faster response times, the free version might be sufficient.

As OpenAI continues to innovate and expand its offerings, staying informed about the latest developments will be key to making the most of what ChatGPT has to offer.



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