Ben Stiller was Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer


On Tuesday, In Howard Stern Show, Ben Stiller revealed that he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer which was intermediately aggressive two years ago.

He also said that he also had a surgery to cure it.

Ben, 50, who on Tuesday appeared on Howard’s SiriusXM show. Ben Stiller along with his surgeon Doctor Edward Schaeffer revealed that he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer two years ago. Dr. Edward talked about his experience handling with Ben’s disease. Edward urges people to talk and interact with their doctors so they can be tested at younger ages.

Ben posted an essay on about his experience with the disease and helpful web links to learn more about this cancer and PSA screenings.

He wrote,

I got diagnosed with prostate cancer Friday, June 13th, 2014. On September 17th of that year I got a test back telling me I was cancer free. The three months in between were a crazy roller coaster ride with which about 180,000 men a year in America can identify.

“It came out of the blue for me,” Ben said to Howard of the diagnosis of cancer. “I had no idea.”

Stiller said he’s cancer free since two years and very thankful and grateful to his Doctors. He also said he still to make sure gets a Prostate-Specific Antigen screening test every 6 months. Stiller and his Dr. Edward said that he is fortunate because he was diagnosed in early stages. Ben added that he always wanted to talk with people about his battle with ‘Disease’ to motivate and encourage people to be aware of cancers and get such diseases diagnosed at an early ages.

Ben Stiller also reveals about psychological affects due to his battle with the cancer. He said, even after diagnosed and was tested he felt fear and was creating the whole movie of his funeral in his head.


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