Taliban attacked the Afghan city of Kunduz


Officials have confirmed the launch of attack by militants of Taliban on the city of Kunduz. Kunduz lies in the north of Afghanistan.

The attack took place in the middle of night. Taliban has launched the assault from four sides of the city.

Provisional Governor’s spokesman said in the statement that Afghan Forces had resisted the attack.

The Kunduz was also attacked by Taliban back in Sept 2015 and was briefly captured but Afghan and NATO forces recaptured it. The Taliban have confirmed their presence in the city in the video published by the spokesman of Taliban.

One of the members of Kunduz provincial council, Amruddin Wali, also told Ariana News that the flag of Taliban was raised in the central square by militants.

The attack occurs a day before an important conference in Brussels. The assault highlights the security situation after the pullback of combat forces of NATO .

In Helmand, Taliban also captured  an important district which is in the south of Lashkar Gah. The Taliban killed the police chief of the district, officials said.

A number of killings were reported which includes personnel of Police.

Residents of Kunduz said that they had heard heavy firing and sounds of helicopters flying over the city.


The Spokesman of Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid said, We have control of many checkpoints in Kunduz.

Zabihullah said in a tweet,

“A massive operation started on Kunduz capital from four directions early this morning,”

Militants proved that they are growing when they captured Kunduz last year which was huge blow to Afghan Government. The city was recaptured after 4 days but this incident had proved the increasing capability and power of Afghan Taliban.

Forces of Afghanistan have control over two-third of the whole country.

Important conference in Brussels will see officials of the Afghan government and international partners. Future funding for the Afghanistan will be discussed in the conference on Tuesday.



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