iPhone 11 Features: Apple has offered iphone 11 for just $700


Apple has finally unveiled the long awaited iphone 11, which does not look seemingly different from the previous iphone models at a first glance but once you start exploring it you would find out that it does have new improved features.

iphone 11, First one is there right at the back; which is the new ultra wide camera that helps you squeeze way more to your photos. On pro models you also get a 2x telephoto zoom that allows 40% more light for better indoor shooting. Moreover it has night mode; which helps you take decent photos during the night without turning on the flashlight. However, if you want to use the flash, it is 30 times brighter than the previous iphones you would have used.

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There is a new audio zoom feature that matches audio with the framing of your video zeroing in whatever you are looking in your video and you can record videos quickly without having to switch to the video dedicated mode by just holding on the shutter button like you do on snapchat.

On the flip side, the selfie camera has been bumped up to 12 mega pixels compared to 7 on last year’s iphone, which allows for wider angle selfies and a new feature which apple calls slofies,  where you can make your slow motion videos.

This new iphone is claiming to be using the toughest glass used on any smart phone. They also have better water resisting feature. The battery duration is 1 hour more than that of 10r and 4 to 5 hours more than 10s and 10s max. This is all due to the A13 bionic chip it is using; which restores battery and makes the phone work 20% faster.

There is improved sound with spatial audio. Hence the sound is more clear and dynamic. There are faster wifi downloads and all that you can possibly want.

Apple doesn’t usually lower its price but this time it has offered iphone 11 for $699 as compared to $750 on last year’s iphone. They are also bundling apple TV free for those who buy this phone early.

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