U.S. Troops in Gulf: Accentuation in A Retrograde Conflict


U.S. Troops in Gulf: Persian Gulf war, also famous as Operation Desert Shield, is reported to be actuated on August 2, 1990, when the former leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, commanded his soldiery to invade Kuwait. The intention behind stirring up this dispute was to seize Oil Reservoirs of Iraq, to attain a powerful stance in the region, and to balance out the debt Iraq owed to Kuwait. Whatever the facts illustrated, these elucidations failed to persuade most of the people as they found it fallacious that Iraq took this huge step while being aware of its consequences and all the possible outcomes. This intercontinental squabble got the attention of the United Nations Security Council which stood up in the favor of the captured state and directed Iraq to pull out their forces from Kuwait’s territory and enforced a statement forbidding other countries to trade with Iraq.

Against all odds, Kuwait refused the withdrawal of its forces, in response to which, US intervened into this matter to protect oil refineries of Saudi Arabia as it was suspected to be the next victim of Iraqi incursion. Since Saudi Arabia is the richest country in terms of producing and exporting oil, it was an unobstructed opportunity for US and NATO powers to take physical hold of Saudi Arabia’s oil resources for their good. Along with US forces, other Arabian countries assembled to contribute with their armies.

U.S. Troops in Gulf:

United Nations commanded Iraq to surrender several times but Saddam’s utter stubbornness not only put the state at risk but also turned his own people into rebellions. There occurred several aerial, naval and ground wars. It was in March 2003 when the US became allies with the UK and felt no urge to endorse the United Nations anymore. President Bush of the US demanded of Saddam to turn himself over or confront a war. Saddam repudiated the ultimatum and met with his death. From that day till the present day, the US has its military protection in the Gulf, including 6 countries. It is eminently profiting the US and because of this Saudi Arabia has lost its control to America.

Recently, two attacks were charged on Saudi Arabia for which Iraq is being accused while Iraq denied such allegations. Considering this, the US and UK have been thinking of to allot more troops in the Gulf. These recent strikes took place on September 14 and September 16, 2019, respectively. These events have flared the intensity of this whole conflict and the investigations are being carried out by the UN Security Council which has sent 6 members to Saudi Arabia for inquiries.

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