Meet Pakistani Hulk Khan Baba


Arbab Khizer Hayat, also known as the Pakistani Hulk and Khan Baba, is just 24 years old. Weighing 360 Kg and towering over six feet, he also claims to be the most powerful man in Pakistan.

Khan can lift an average healthy person with one hand and can bend coins with one hand.

Arbab Khizer Hayat is considered the world’s strongest man by people in Pakistan.

Pakistani Hulk
Pakistani Hulk

Speaking to DailyMail, Hayat said, “My immediate goal is to enter World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) competitions. I am looking to meet weight targets and I am consulting doctors to keep nutrition going.”

He can eat what 10 people can eat in a single go. His daily diet consists of five liters milk and four dozens of eggs and four chickens, with a total caloric intake of 10,000 calories per day.



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