Microsoft Says, Windows 10 Game Mode Will Improve Gaming Experience



Rumors that Windows 10 could benefit from a Game Mode – which would maximize gaming performance – have been swirling online since December 2016. The capabilities of the proposed mode were not clear – until now.

On Jan. 13, Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra, who is Head of Platform Engineering Xbox, spilled the beans on the Game Mode, which would come with the company’s Creators Update. The Game Mode will reportedly optimize the PC when a game is running, so that it can perform better.

“With the Creators Update, we’re introducing a new feature called Game Mode,” shared Mike Ybarra, Head of Platform Engineering Xbox. “Our vision is for Game Mode to optimize your Windows 10 PC for increased performance in gaming.”

Ybarra also divulged that some of the “visual elements” of the new Game Mode will be made available to Windows Insiders this week. The feature is expected to become completely operational in the Windows 10 builds soon after.

The Xbox executive promises that the performance of all PC games will see a definite improvement thanks to the Windows 10 Game Mode which will come with the Creators Update this spring.

Game Mode Rumors

This feature will supposedly enable Windows 10 to regulate the GPU and CPU resources so that more power can be allocated to the gameplay vis-à-vis the background apps.

When the mode arrives with the Creators Update, it will basically enable a PC to behave like a home console where resources are diverted from non-gaming processes to games.


Microsoft also shares that gamers would benefit from “Beam” which is being hailed as a quick and simple way for one to stream the gameplay.

Beam will apparently connect to the player’s Xbox Live account, which would in turn make it easy for them to stream their games to bot the Xbox Live community and Beam. Viewers all over the world will be able to see the stream, as well as interact with the broadcast. Gamers will not require any additional software to make use of this feature.

How To Broadcast With Beam

To use Beam, a player will merely need to press Windows + G on their Windows 10 PC, which will bring up the game bar option. Next, the gamer taps the broadcast button to begin streaming. Xbox One users can begin the streaming by a single button press inside the Guide.

This feature will be made available to Xbox One users courtesy the new update coming for Guide, which aims to make things seamless and quicker for users. Post the update, Xbox One users will be able to press the Xbox button on their controller to draw up the enhanced Guide on the screen’s left side.

The Creators Update for Windows 10 is slated to arrive in spring 2017 and gamers will soon be able to take advantage of the Game Mode it brings in tow.

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