Netflix for October 2019


Netflix is shaping up to be the fantastic release for the month of October 2019. There are many new additions that would surely entertain you.

You would have more adventures of Carmen Sandiego (Season 2) coming up on October 1st . This animated series had fan acclaim this year so it is headed back with more adventures.

Seis Manos (season 1) is about three orphans trained in Chinese martial arts. This serial is likely going to be one of the sleeper hits of October.

Be ready for more filth from Big Mouth (Season 4) coming up in early October. It has three more seasons already order which would be coming on Netflix in next few years.

Adaptation of Stephen King‘s novels has proved to be beneficial for Netflix hence it would continue with this practice in October with In the Tall Grass (2019). This new movie is about two kids who venture in a grass field and are never able to find their way out.

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Peaky Blinders (Season 5) would be on Netflix soon after it finishes its season 5 run in the UK. The season follows the gang who is at height of their game. Thomas Shelby would be now heading to the Parliament.

You would get to see a new science fiction super hero content in Raising Dion (Season 1). The story is about a young boy who is found to have super powers. He is to be brought up by a single mother who tries to raise him well with his new found gifts.

A well researched serial about the ill factors that the food industry would never want us to know is coming up. Rotten (Season 2) remains one of the best Netflix original document series.

Super Monsters (Season 3) is something that Kids would certainly enjoy. This time there is a special series with Monster pets.

Along with these there is a lot more to watch on Netflix in October. So stay tuned and enjoy your favorite program only on Netflix.


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