Huawei 5G Partnership : 5G Enables New Business Growth


As predicted, 5G is smoothly taking over the preceding wireless communication in no time and it has gained more and more popularity around the world in 2019. Huawei is working together with operators to achieve new business growth.

Ryan Ding from Huawei

During MWC Shanghai 2019, Huawei held the 5G is ON Summit on the topic of “5G-driven Digital Upgrades”. Ryan Ding, Executive Director of the Board and President of the Carrier BG of Huawei, conveyed a keynote speech with the name of “Industries + 5G”, Enabling New Growth at the summit.

At the summit, Ding showed a video revealing how 5G connects various industries, such as active transport, intelligent policing, smart healthcare, cool entertainment, and smart ports. Huawei offers a broad range of modular and full-series solutions, including Massive MIMO, Blade Site, and BookRRU, to help global operators build green, converged, and ultra-lean 5G networks and achieve full coverage with their existing site resources so as to better serve users in hotspots and fulfill the diverse needs of various industries.

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“Huawei has so far gained 50 5G commercial contracts and shipped more than 150,000 base stations.” Ding said. “Globally, 5G is gaining strong momentum in its commercial adoption. Since the first half of this year, a good number of countries, including South Korea, UK, Switzerland, Italy, and Kuwait, have commercially launched 5G networks, 2/3 of which were constructed by Huawei. 

5G Enables New Business Growth:

5G networks are coming up with VR, AR and other ultra-HD video services to mobile video 3.0, and these innovations are bringing change in the lifestyle of people.  In Korea the country’s 5G user base is as much as one million with daily average traffic per person of 1.3 GB. The most impressive part is that 5G is 90% less in price with gives mutual benefit to both users and operators.


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