Peer Pressure in Youth : How Peer Pressure Works?


Peers are people who you can associate with because they are your same age or study in the same class. They are ones who share something in common with you and hence you try to get along with them in a nice way. It is up to you who you choose as peers and make them become your friends. From friends they might also turn out to become your best friends.

Peers have a positive influence when they help you in your assignments or facilitate you in making decisions. They are your close mates with whom you are ready to explore new things. On the other hand peers can be very disturbing if they pressurize you to do things you really would not like to do for example forcing you to shoplift with them and enjoy this new experience or bully someone without any reason.

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Peer pressure has always been challenging because it puts a lot of stress in your life. Imagine someone directing you how to dress or what to do, wouldn’t that be troublesome? Most people give in to their peers because they find it difficult to say ‘no’ or are forced in such a way that they find themselves at a dead end where ‘no’ is something near impossible.

Responding to peer pressure is part of human nature but some people are able to resist it very well. They are people who tend to lead rather than follow and are high on their self confidence. They are ready to risk in forming a new group if they don’t get acceptance in the later one.

Taking a stand against peer pressure is hard but not impossible. So it is advised that you follow your gut feeling and do what seems right to you instead of following your peers blindly.


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