Prostitution Is A Name Of Business/ being a prostitute was never a fun


Prostitution is the word derived from the Latin word “prostitute” meaning to place forward or upfront for sale. It is basically a business of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for money. Women are running this business for centuries. One can say that this is the oldest profession.  In this women earn money by providing sexual services. More than 42 million prostitutes are in the world and the majority of them are females giving services to male clients. Those who organize prostitution are “PIMP’ if male and “MADAM” if a female who collect the earning and do arrangement for their customers on daily basis. Brothels a place where people engage in sexual activity with prostitutes or you can say that brothels are the homes of prostitutes. Prostitution exists in every era, in every civilisation.

Prostitution in ancient Rome

Let me put a brief light on the history of prostitution:

  • In the 6th century, Solon established state-funded brothels.
  • Prostitution was legal in Greek and Roman periods but remain illicit in the Christian Roman emperor’s era.
  • In AD 590, King Reccared bans the prostitution and brothels and made a law in favor of men as in those who hired a prostitute had no punishment but those women who found guilty of doing sexual activity will sentence to death.
  • In 1358, Italy accepts prostitution and Govt. of Italy started funding brothels.
  • In 1586, Pope Sixtus ordered that all women who involve in prostitution should put to death.
  • In 1802, France made a bureau of morals in which the police force was responsible to keep an eye on brothels and make sure that prostitutes are not involved in any criminal activities.
  • In 1932, the Japanese Govt. forced 80,000-30,000 women and girls to serve Japanese soldiers. The soldiers started raped women without any hesitation.
  • In 1956, Indian banned commercial sex trade.
  • In 1971, Nevada a region in the US gave permission to run brothels
  • In 1999, Sweden Govt., defined prostitution as violence against women thus they offer other lines of work to the prostitutes in order to make them earn money legally.
  • In 2007, South Africa opposed sex trafficking.
  • Now the prostitution practice or running brothels are legal or illegal depending on the country.
  • As medically proved that brothels are the main source of spreading AIDS and other sexually transmitted disease so many countries banned it for the safety of people while for Muslims being sexually involved with any other women or you can say unlawful sexual intercourse is called Zina in Islam which is immortal and people who do Zina will be punished hard according to Islamic laws.

Prostitution is Pakistan:

Pakistan is an Islamic country and prostitution in Pakistan is an open secret but still illegal. Prostitution is based in brothels but now individual call girls are also available but the Pakistani prostitutes work underground. In some areas of Pakistan prostitution is strictly prohibited. Well, poverty is the main reason for this profession.

There are three categories in prostitution

  • The one who trafficked or persuade to this profession sold into brothels lives in there.
  • The one who born in brothels.
  • The ones who come to this profession willingly are call girls.

Now let’s move toward some serious points or you can say emotional

  • The inside of a woman’s body (respectable creature) is a workplace? Is it so?
  • How it feels when a person a living being, a human being, a respectful and sensitive creature having feelings and emotions, is the product?
  • How does it feel to earn money by selling respect and body?
  • How does it feel to lured into the prostitution profession?
  • How much courage does one need to choose this inhumane field as a profession?
  • The reason behind those who willingly choose this field?
  • How much it hurts when people the great men specially used women girls and call them a slut, call girl, abuse them, and whatnot?
  • Calling a prostitute with different names make people happy that yeah they are doing right and insulting them take the people to cloud nine. Why? Don’t they feel that it is not an easy job to sell respect and body? Don’t they know what it takes to be a prostitute? Don’t they have an idea what makes them a prostitute?
  • Why people said it is immortal when they think by doing it for free is perfectly legal?
  • Gloomy lights, bruised body, crushed soul, buried emotions, every passing night tells a story.

They never wish to be prostitute they never wanted to be a prostitute but the circumstances push them to choose this profession for earning because for them it is better to sell the body, live luxurious life rather than die with hunger.  They prefer to live a life instead of dying with hunger. For those who have born in brothels, what is their fault? They do not born in the brothel with their own wish right? Then why this society never let them live their life. Instead of dying with poverty woman make money more than men through sex work.

Those who choose this profession stated that” it is far better to work in some restaurant or any other institute at least when you work there you’re not the meat”

Pros and Cons of prostitution:

  • CONS:
  • They have to go underground by hiding themselves from people
  • They don’t have easy access to police, hospitals.
  • In fact, when they got sick, mostly doctors refused to treat them.
  • Though in those countries where there are anti-prostitution laws, the sex workers pay sexual bribes or financial bribes to escape from the law.
  • Prostitutes are like a slice of meat in the burger for men
  • Removing prostitution will decrease the crime ratio and improves public health
  • Brothels are the main source of spreading sexually transmitted disease
  • Prostitution promotes this concept that men easily suppress women by any means and women are men’s property they can do whatever they want by paying them some money.
  • Being a prostitute is humiliating and disrespectful.
  • If prostitution would be legal than every young boy will never respect women and learn that women are the raw material that one can buy and sell.
  • Prostitution is not a fairytale or an ideal life. It is just an illusion the prostitutes live a luxurious life. One should take action against pimps, traffickers who are also involved in crimes.
  • This is the myth that women choose it on their own will. No not at all, many forced towards it, or for some, this is the only way to earn money.


Though this profession does not deserve to have any pros still it has:

  • Well, making prostitution legal will give rights to them. By putting religion, feminism aside thinks about the sex workers who are also human, Govt. should give them proper human rights and basic needs to live life.
  • Prostitutes even said that they made a good living by doing sex work.
  • Sex workers also feel safe at brothels.
Sex workers demonstrate against discrimination in London, United Kingdom, on March 8, 2019

In simple words

“Prostitute is a lady who sells her body to those who have sold their morals already”


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