China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): Would it benefit Pakistan?


China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is immense mutual project to get better infrastructure inside Pakistan for better trade with China and to additional combine the countries of the region.

CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) will bring prosperity for all Pakistanis as well as for western people, it has benefits for both sides, the CPEC is being completely executed.

It is significant agreement stretch out by the Chinese and Pakistani Governments. It is incredible suggestion in addition both sides network, making better Pakistani individuals’ and encouraging sensible economic and trade cooperation.

There are some important motives to be great of China Pakistan Economic Corridor for Pakistan:

CPEC is about entrance from the Arabian Ocean to central Asia and other Asian countries. There is Gwadar a gate of Pakistan to connect several countries for trading with one another.

No doubt World is dependent on central Asia for energy resources for example oil and gas hence CPEC is the best way for trading.

So, Gwadar has great significance as compared to neighboring trade center. Due to its profound harbor (seaport) directly at the core of Asia’s developing economies. Therefore, its geographical location is much better regarding exchange and for trading routes.

The estimate demonstrates that manufacturing outsourcers from everywhere throughout the world will come to Pakistan because of deep seaport of Gwadar. Those organizations that are outsourcing their producing to China and India will come to Pakistan.

As a very big project CPEC has a few pros and cons. If we discover more pros and cons then we may receive it.

Here are some of the pros and cons, In Pakistan’s point of view.


  1. CPEC offers Pakistan a solution to its energy crises.
  2. Pakistani worker will acquire jobs.
  3. Pakistani goods will be sent out   to China.
  4. CPEC is not only a route but the combinations of the road, rail and financial zones, this will help Pakistan enterpriser.
  5. Pakistani goods will also be easily transported to markets that have no entrée, right now.


  1.  Due to Pakistan china partnership in this project, the local market and laborers should expect fierce competition.
  2. China will get an access to link countries this may raise the statistics of Chinese goods, this will down Pakistani Businesses.
  3. China national language is Chinese, Pakistan national language is Urdu, and this will generate a big communication space.
  4. Pakistan market is not competent to cope with the growing demand of the raw materials desired for this development.


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