Trump claims to be ‘EXTREMELY GOOD ARBITRATOR’ between India, Pakistan over the growing tensions. What’s the insight?


Politics what we call is competition for resources combining material and non-material aspects. There’s no morality in global politics. Every state serves its national interests. Friends and enemies are made keeping in mind state’s strategic interests. In global politics, there is no permanent friend and no permanent enemy. Undoubtedly, in politics and diplomacy relationship between states are based on national interests rather than personal interests and economic interests serve the basis for a state’s relations with other states. Third world states have developing economies that’s why they always look forward to powerful and wealthy states (economically enrich) of the world and strengthen their ties with those bigger states so that they can have stabilize economies too and for that they improve trade relations with them and sign economic deals and agreements. And what is in the interests of powerful states is that they get a chance most of the times to interfere into the matters of the recipient states and they may influence their foreign and domestic policies. In short, this is a process of interests which’s going on around.

Recently President of USA, Donald Trump interacted with the Prime Ministers of South Asian rivals Pakistan and India. His meetings with Modi and Khan have set us in a confusing state by supporting Indian PM Modi on the stance that Pakistan has directed terror attacks on both US and India and on the other hand, when he met Pakistani PM Imran Khan, he turned out to be quite friendly person by entitling himself as a ‘friend’ of Pakistan and calling Imran khan as a great leader. Well this is debatable.

US President Donald Trump joined Indian PM Modi’s Howdy, Modi! rally in Houston, Texas on Sunday, 22nd September where the Indian PM spoke to an audience of about 50,0000 American Indians including residents as well as non-residents of the United States of America. Indian PM’s joint rally happened at Houston NRG Stadium where he addressed his Hindu nationalists’ followers. This rally marked the first time on a world stage that the Indian PM had discussed the decision to confiscate the special status of Kashmir. Crowd which attended this joint rally of “Howdy Modi!” chanted “Modi! Modi!” when he appeared on the stage with Trump. Modi introduced Trump as his friend and friend of India. Speaking to the audience of the joint rally, Narendra Modi defended Indian Army’ actions in Kashmir and accused Pakistan in turn. One of the spokespersons from the Indian Forum, Texas reported that as Trump attended and supported this joint rally which can be a signal of boosting relations between both states. Earlier, there had been trade issues between both states which began in June which are now expected to be solved as both states will negotiate a limited trade deal at the end of September.

Howdy Modi - Trump and Modi

Outside the NRG Stadium where Modi and Trump were busy together in celebrations, there was a protest by massive crowd and thousands of protestants protested in solidarity with Kashmiris under the slogans Free Kashmir, Modi- the Killer of Humanity, Modi a Modern Hitler etc.

Indian media had been seen singing praises of Howdy, Modi! but their media overlooked the fact that outside the NRG stadium there was a massive crowd in thousands protesting on the reported human rights violations done by Indian forces in Kashmir. These protestant groups constituted Hindus for Human Rights, Sikhs for Justice, Hindus for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Foundation. Hindu members of HHR said that India is being ruled by a Hindu extremist and all these atrocities in Kashmir are imposing a negative impact on our Hinduism faith. Muslim population make up around 170 million of India’s 1.3 billion population and Indian forces have been targeting Muslim Kashmiris since long. Modi was seen enjoying the triumph of his joint rally with Trump with no regrets over the violations done by Indian forces on occupied Kashmir. On the one hand, United States always claims that it plays a key role in support of human rights in the world at the same time unfortunately we couldn’t find its key role as a supporter of human rights in Kashmir issue in fact it seems like Trump just want both South Asian rivals to be happy by calling both of them as his good friends, a good technique of his diplomacy.

United States is one the largest exporters of arms to India and Pakistan. What is the point of supplying arms and weapons to the two rivals when you constantly say that you want them to solve their disputes and you want peace between them so it means US is distributing arms to both states so that they can solve their issues?? What a tyranny! United States is doing nothing than encouraging both competitors in nuclear arms race whereas UN is no more a living body as no reaction came from UN over the alleged violations of human rights by the Indian forces on occupied Kashmir.

Pakistani PM Imran Khan met Trump at the United Nations General Assembly, New York where a bilateral meeting was held between the two leaders on September 23rd. While addressing the press conference, Khan made it clear that Pakistan wants to see Afghanistan peaceful and stabilize again. Khan also called upon US to help solve Kashmir issue and that United States being the dominant state has responsibility to settle this issue. Furthermore, he said that India needs to stop its atrocities in Kashmir because it will only ignite tensions between India and Pakistan. Previously Khan also took a bold and much appreciated step by warning the citizens to join war in Kashmir and he made it clear that Pakistan has improved its vigilance to prevent militants to join the fight in Kashmir.

Trump’s interaction with both Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan is followed by so many questions. On the one hand, he shared stage with great zest and zeal with Indian PM, seen sitting at the front, while Modi was busy in accusing Pakistan for terror attacks in US as well in India.  On the contrary, next day in his meeting with Khan he called himself as a ‘friend’ of Pakistan and he called Imran as a great leader. However, this conference separated Khan’s followers as on group was not seen much happy with Khan’s way of interacting the US President when Trump was questioned by a Pakistani reporter about the oppression in Kashmir by the Indian soldiers, leaders in  jail, phone lines cut, security clampdown; Trump looked up at Imran saying, ‘Where do you find such reporters?’ while Khan didn’t respond to this statement of Trump. Another reporter when inquired Trump about India’s aggression on Kashmiris and Modi’s aggressive talks towards Pakistan Trump continued to avoid the talk regarding Modi’s harsh words against Pakistan by saying that Iran was really the ‘number one state of terror in the world’. It’s a right of a media person to ask question and find out the facts. Trump gave much attention to the crowd at Howdy Modi joint rally, however, he appeared to be biased, uncaring and unresponsive about the questions on human rights abuses in Kashmir by India and mocked the Pakistani reporters.

From Trump’s appearance at the Howdy Modi rally and sharing stage with Modi might be a signal of giving importance to India. It can be an indication of continuation of Trump’s Indo- pacific strategy to counter China in the region. United States is the pioneer of the ” Indo-Pacific Strategy’. United States of America has advanced the “Indo-Pacific Strategy” which demonstrates the consideration of the United States to the Indian Ocean. Purpose of returning to this policy with Trump is clear that US wants to resist China’s rise in the region by this rebalancing policy in Asia-Pacific. Primary objectives of USA’s support to India is to build and encourage India to pawn China’s increasing significance in Asia, therefore, previously Washington has also facilitated India’s entry into missile technology control regime in April 2016. United States is using India as a tool to counter China’s emerging forces of deterring against the aggression of any state including the USA. China is expanding in power largely through the process of industrialization, diplomatic influence and economic and military strength in the region.

Over Kashmir, India has faced international criticism on its human rights violations. Reportedly, thousands of people in Kashmir have been denied access to any sort of communications either by internet or phones, there’s a security crackdown and the Indian PM Modi was busy in celebrating the triumph of his joint rally!

Concluding, Pakistan needs to achieve its soft power status through the means of diplomacy, cultural programming, and systemic level analysis, and media rather than losing its worth in froth of a super power and relying on international funds. We should not forget that state power plays a vital role in world politics. And with a strong political leadership along with human potential and military leadership we as a state can regain our power status. Third world states need to stop themselves being puppets of the US and should focus on how to stand up and take up the challenge. This is our battle and we should win it with diplomacy rather weapons. USA is playing well and improving its economy every day by selling tones of weapons and arms to other recipient states including Pakistan and India, but the question is are we in a situation to bear the burden of what comes next? Both India and Pakistan need to revise their foreign policies towards each other and should resolve Kashmir issue ASAP. Indian government needs to recognize that it is not an issue between two rivals it is a matter of Humanitarianism!

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