Uber license: License Renewal Information


What is Uber and how might it work:

Uber is a ride-hailing association that offers the Uber compact application, which you can use to exhibit a trip request that is thusly sent to a Uber driver near you, disturbing the driver to your territory. The tolerant Uber driver will by then come and lift you up and drive you to your referenced objective.

After a short time it’ll be an extraordinary chance to revive your TfL Private Hire Driver’s License. Restoring it on time infers you can continue getting a charge out of the open door that Uber can offer and dodge any break in pay.

Before your beginning

Reviving applications can take as long as around four months for TfL to process. Thusly, we recommend you start applying when you get your restoration pack in the post.

Here’s our a little bit at a time manual for restoring your license.

Energizing Process

Stage 1

Your underlying advance is to endeavor a criminal record check by applying for a DBS verification. The confirmation must be procured through GBG gathering and your application can be started on the web. For rules on the most ideal approach to complete, watch the video underneath.

If you are purchased in to the DBS update organization you might not need to apply for another presentation confirmation, with the exception of if TfL admonishes something different.

Stage 2

When you’ve applied for your DBS, we propose you apply for your grant restoration online as opposed to through the post.

To do all things considered, you’ll need to enroll for a record on TfL’s site. Nuances of how to do so will be fused into the reviving pack which you’ll get in the post.

When you’ve applied, you’ll have the alternative to pursue the progression of your application on the web

Where is Uber available?

Uber is available in excess of 700 urban zones far and wide. You can check whether it’s available in your city using this Uber page.

License Renewal History

We require extra information to assert your license capability

Additional information for NSW driver-associates to show grant history necessities are met

Showing License History Requirements

NSW Point to Point Transport rules require that all rideshare drivers hold a stream boundless Australian driver license (Class C, LR, MR, HR, HC, MC or equivalent) and have held this grant for at any rate a time of the latest two years.

There isn’t adequate information on your NSW driving record to demonstrate that you meet these necessities. You won’t have the choice to drive using the Uber application until you have asserted to us that you meet these necessities. To do so you ought to outfit us with a copy of your License Renewal History report from Service NSW.

Boulevards and Maritime Services (RMS) has exhorted Uber that your license has not been always powerful as far back as year.

This may occur if your license:

•        Expired inside the latest year before you reestablished it

•        Was suspended inside the latest year

•        Is at present ended or suspended

What Is Required

You need to procure a License Renewal History document from Service NSW.

This report grants Service NSW to confirm:

1.       You have held a boundless NSW driver grant for in any occasion a year in the main years (Class C, LR, MR, HR, HC, or MC); and that

2.       Your boundless NSW driver license is starting at now powerful

Note: if your grant doesn’t meet these necessities, you should not get your License Renewal History file.

  • Directions to get your License Renewal History Document

Stage 1 – Complete Access Application

This structure is the Access to Own Personal Records Application – you need to introduce this structure to Service NSW in order to request your License Renewal History file.

It has been pre-stacked up with the information you need to request – you ought to just incorporate your own information and print out the structure.

Stage 2 – Submit to Service NSW

Whenever complete, visit your nearest Service NSW center and present your completed Access to Own Personal Records Application.

On the off chance that it’s not all that much issue note that the cost is $22, paid direct to Service NSW on area or by methods for Master card if you present the record by email.

It can take 3-5 business days for Service NSW to give a copy of your License Renewal History report.

Then again, in case you can’t visit Service NSW, if it’s not all that much issue email the record with portion nuances to customeradministrationunit@rms.nsw.gov.au

Organization NSW Centers

Stage 3 – Send Confirmation To Uber

Organization NSW will give a ventured copy of your License Renewal History report – either up close and personal, by email or by post.

When you have gotten this report, submit to Uber:

•        In individual at a GLH t.uber.com/sydglh

•        By email at NSWDocs@uber.com



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