Way forward for PTI government post UNGA Session


Way forward for PTI government post UNGA Session

What charisma is created when two opposing leaders such as those of India and Pakistan come to address on one platform consecutively. Yes, we have all seen these two Prime Ministers in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) giving speeches.

While Modi was much involved in making good trade deals with Ronald Trump, Imran Khan was focused on bringing out the much neglected issue of Kashmir into limelight. In fact his influential speech brought the Kashmir issue to the ‘absolute centre stage of global political paradigm’. His step of globally awakening the politicians shows how serious he is in his target.

Pakistan is already hailing with the motto; “Kashmir bane ga Pakistan” which is being cheered in schools and colleges. Some schools are going out for a rally with posters saying that Kashmir should become part of Pakistan. Never have we seen such enthusiasm in celebration of solidarity with the Kashmiris.

Certainly Imran Kahan has given vent to this spirit; otherwise Kashmir has remained ignored for years.  Now we see the world taking interest in resolution of Kashmir issue. For example Trump said, “I believe Modi and Khan will get along and work out something, adding, he hopes both Asian nations resolve the Kashmir issue.”

On one hand Trump is advocating for the resolution of Kashmir issue but he concludes his speech saying that he hopes Asian countries would resolve this issue; meaning that he has got nothing to do with the issue of Kashmir. Moreover Modi did not mention Kashmir anywhere in his speech.

However such disregard will certainly not let down the spirit of our Prime Minister. He mentioned Kashmir in four places during his speech and talked about other issues like ‘Islamophobia ’ and ‘money laundering’ . He was hailed for his wonderful speech.



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